Deanery Synod next week

Next week we have our next Deanery Synod meeting, which will be focusing on Lay Ministry.  Some questions for discussion have been circulated in advance, so if you are coming along you might like to have a think about some of these.

Discussion Questions
For the Beginning of the Meeting 

  1. What do you understand ‘ministry’ is?
  2. Is there a difference between ‘ministry’, ‘discipleship’ and ‘witness’?
  3. Have you heard of the biblical (see 1 Peter 2) concept of ‘the priesthood of all believers’? What impact should that have in the life of your church community?
  4. What is the role of the ‘ordained priest’ within the priesthood of all believers?
  5. What is the difference between ‘lay’ and ‘ordained’ ministry?


For midway through the meeting 

  1. What ministry is exercised in your church/parish setting and by whom?
  2. What activities do you understand to be covered by ‘lay ministry’
  3. To what extent do you think your congregation accepts lay ministry in worship?
  4. How many of your church members exercise their main Christian ministry/discipleship/witness in the workplace or away from a church setting?
  5. If you had a cornucopia of gifted and willing volunteers, what sort of minister(s) does your church community most need for the furthering of God’s kingdom? (N.B. Please focus on people rather than jobs/activities)
  6. What/Who do you think God is calling you to be?