Every year, each parish has to hold 2 meetings. The first is the Meeting of Parishioners which is a short meeting where churchwardens are appointed. Anyone is able to attend this meeting.

The second meeting, which is separate, but usually follows straight on from the first, is the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM). This meeting is normally only for church members whose names appear on the Electoral Roll.

The APCM includes Annual Reports of activity in the life of the parish and from Deanery Synod during the past year, the presentation of the Electoral Roll, the Financial Statements, a fabric report on the building of the church, the appointment of representatives to Deanery Synod, election of PCC members, appointment of sidespersons, and any other business that needs to be discussed.

These meetings have to take place before the 30th April each year, and are an opportunity to thank all those who have served the church and to present plans or vision for the future.